Get Ready to Shop!

Well, it's finally here... snow!  No, just kidding, no snow, quite yet, but the TPT sale is starting tomorrow.  I personally cannot wait to shop!  I've loaded up on resources since school began, so now I'm ready to grab some clip art from some of my favorites.  I'm sure I'll also grab a few packets, too.
Alright, well, here are a few of my favorite packets.  These are packets that will be perfect for March through May.  I also threw in a new freebie and one of my older freebies.

If you are interested in grabbing any of the packets, just click on the image and it will take you to it.  If you look through my store and there's something you don't see, email me at  If I don't have it, I don't mind redirecting you to someone that may have what you need.

Now, I want to explain this freebie a little.  I've been working on trying to teach my kids about how to do opinion writing.  This is always so complicated because so many of them don't get it.  For example, if you ask them to write about "Why they love dogs" you get, "Dogs are fun.  Dogs are neat.  Dogs are nice.  Dogs are cool.  Dogs are awesome!"  Well, yes, all those things may be true, but I want my kids to learn to go deeper than that.  So, I created these sheets.  I tried to think of the things my kids love and hate the most.  I have to say, it worked like a charm.  We worked on them together and were very specific.  For example, with the iPad, they came up with "I can play games on it.  I can call friends.  I can use it to read."  Anyway, hope it helps your kiddos as much as mine.
Oh, and don't let me forget the March book reports.  Sure you will need those soon!
 Have a great Tuesday night and have fun shopping!

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