Birthday in the Classroom

My birthday is in March.  I don't know when your birthday is, but every year we celebrate my birthday in my classroom.  I have printables (I don't use them all in one day), a special snack, and cupcakes.  I also have birthday books that I read and even a birthday movie depending on if it's cold and rainy.

It may seem silly, but kids love silly things and celebrating their teacher's birthday is something they don't forget.

Below are all of my favorites and a lot of what I use to make that day a little special for my kids.

These are some of the books that I read to my class each year either on my birthday or around my birthday.  I've linked the books (not an affiliate link) so that if you want to go grab them, you can. I picked Barnes and Noble because a lot of them are Nook books and regular books.  I love options, so enjoy!

Here are LOTS of FREE birthday printables.  Use however you want.  I went a little overboard and probably should bundle them, but thought it y'all may like a big freebie.  Just know if you like these, I have a ton of printables in my store.

Here are pictures of some of the things that my room mom did to help me make my birthday special.  I don't know if you can see the cupcakes, but she added farm pictures to all of them since my classroom is decked out like a farm.  Loved all the cute gifts - completely unexpected.

Hope these ideas give you a few ideas of things you can do.  I also hope that your birthday week goes smoother than mine.  I ended up with pink eye and a stomach virus by the end of my birthday, so definitely wasn't as pleasant as I hoped.

Have a great week!

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