Five for Friday

This week, I ended up with a few fun things to do.

I finally got a personalized Melonheadz.  I've been wanting one for months.  They are adorable.  So, here's mine.  She even worked in a few of my favorites like the Georgia flag and my cross necklace :)

I'm doing a book study with some teachers at school.  I have read the first five chapters of this book and it's incredible.  I think the main thing I've taken away from it is if you want your students to care about learning, you have to show them that you care about them first.  You also have to be passionate and care about teaching.  If you aren't showing interest in your lessons, then how can you expect your kids to show interest?  To get buy-in you have to buy-in to what you are teaching.

Tuesday night, I got to go to a Braves game with a group of my school friends.  Love these girls and their hearts!  Had an incredible time as always.  What's better than a Braves game and spending time outside of school with a few of your best friends?

Oh, and this bottom picture has two of my teammates, so when I talk about my teammates you will be able to put a face with them.  On the left is Alicia who is just incredible and so organized she makes me feel disorganized.  She's incredible at paperwork, especially those folders that we all love to hate.  On the right is Melissa.  Melissa is the balance for all of us crazies.  She is a cheerleader with a huge heart and I swear Alicia's twin sometimes.  She is also super organized and very creative.  My other teammate is Pamela, but she left us to go to the beach, so I'll introduce her another time.  I just had to shout her out because I know she will be reading this.  And yes, they are going to get me for this later :)

Wednesday was Super Mom to the rescue.  True story... I am horrible at figuring out dress shoes and jewelry. I've just figured out nice clothing in the last year, so guess shoes and jewelry are to be expected.  If it's left up to me, I would live in flip flops. Jewelry isn't quite as bad although my go to jewelry is my cross necklace, watch, and my Valentine earrings from my hubby.  So, I'm bringing in my mom who is incredible at matching everything and some how always finds me cute shoes that I wear every day until she finds me another pair of shoes.  After all, just don't think flip flops are going to cut it for 24/7 in Vegas.  So, when you see these, just know my mom chose them.

Alright, so since I've given you four fun facts, for the fifth one, I'll give you a favorite book.  I haven't read it in a year or two, but I loved the book Sycamore Row by John Grisham.  It's the sequel to A Time to Kill.

Happy Friday!