Monday Made It

Last week, I completely forgot that Monday Made It existed.  Well, this week I managed to remember.  I saw a picture online a few weeks ago of chairs with a monogram.  I could not wait to make me some chairs.

First, I had to make a few decisions.  The first decision was I decided to make a 12 inch monogram. Bad mistake - I'd definitely make it around 8 or 9 inches next time.  I ended up having to use an Exacto knife to make it small enough to fit on the chair.  To get it in a circle form, I bought a file from ETSY.  If you need the file, you can click the image and it will take you to where I bought my file.

The next thing I had to figure out was how to add the vinyl to the chair.  Usually I use a heat press with my heat transfer vinyl, but I knew there was no way I was fitting a chair inside the heat press and the cloth on the chair is attached to the chair, so I also wasn't sliding the cloth off the chair.

Instead of using my heat press, I used an iron and an ironing board.  I put the chair on the ironing board and then ironed the monogram onto the chair.  Don't forget to put your teflon sheet over the monogram.  If you don't, the vinyl will melt.

Also, make sure that you apply a good bit of pressure with the iron.  I had to be very careful pulling the contact paper off of the vinyl.  In some places it didn't stick very well.  Once I pulled it up, I put the teflon sheet back over the monogram and ironed it again.
Here is the finished product.  The best part is they really only took around thirty minutes to do.
Have fun creating!

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  1. Those are absolutely adorable! I don't have a Silhouette or Cricket yet....MMI makes me want to run out and purchase one ASAP!! :)