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It's hard to believe that I've been in school for a month.  While it still feels extremely hot outside, you can tell the weather is starting to change.  The leaves are changing colors, it's getting dark earlier, and football is starting.  The best part of fall is that I finally seem to have found a routine.

I am so excited to be part of the GoNoodle Back to School Blogger Blitz!  I have LOVED adding GoNoodle to my daily routine.  Honestly, when I first heard about GoNoodle I was a little skeptical.  I couldn't understand how there was going to be a site with better videos than I was already using, especially free videos.  It took me a year, but rainy day after rainy day convinced me that it might be a good idea to give GoNoodle a shot and I'm so glad I did.

Here's what I discovered.  GoNoodle tracks your minutes.  For me, that was an instant like.  In my district, we have to make up so many hours of physical education in our classroom.  GoNoodle made it easy for me to make sure that I met our district requirements.

GoNoodle has crazy, fun characters.  As an adult you might be thinking that isn't a big deal, but my six year old kids go wild watching the characters grow and morph into a bigger version of the character.  The characters have names like McPufferson, Flappy Tuckler, and Freckles Sinclair.  The best part is once the character maxes out, your class can pick a new character.

In my class, we use GoNoodle for indoor recess, brain breaks, rewards, etc.  My kids LOVE all the Zumba videos, plus a few of their other favorites are the Indoor Recess videos, Pop-See-Ko, Get Loose, and Roller Coaster.

Oh, and did I mention that you GoNoodle is FREE?

Now, that I've told you about GoNoodle, I have some exciting news.  First, GoNoodle has a discount code for their store right now.  Use BTSwithGoNoodle to get 15% off of everything.  Second, GoNoodle has given me 25 HEADBANDS to give away for them.  To enter, see the Rafflecopter below.
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Make sure you click the GoNoodle image below to go sign up.

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