Teddy Graham Graphing

Last week, we read a story called "Jack and Rick".  It's a cute little story that is great for covering story elements.  Since the story was about a rabbit and a bear, I wanted to find a way to tie the characters into our Fun Friday.

Fun Friday is where my teammates and I take the last 30 minutes of Friday to do a fun activity with our students that have followed the rules all week.

For some reason, Teddy Grahams seemed like the perfect activity.  There are TONS, maybe not tons, but multiple types of Teddy Grahams.  I decided that this would allow us to do the perfect graphing activity.  What is better than having fun and teaching a skill at the same time?

I sent a note to parents and got an abundance of Teddy Grahams.  Honestly, the kids that forgot their snacks may be eating them until Christmas.  I think I have eight left over boxes.

So, on Friday afternoon, I passed out paper towels and gave each student some chocolate, chocolate chip, and honey Teddy Grahams.  After we ate the Teddy Grahams, everyone was given a sheet to vote for their favorite type.  I collected the votes and then gave each kid a graph.  We worked on the graph until the end of the day.

The kids LOVED the activity and overall it went well.  The one thing I forgot was I am working with beginning of the year first graders.  We don't work quite as fast as we do later in the year, so while we got one graph done, we ran out of time to do the tally graph and we didn't have time to answer the graphing questions.  Next time, I'd probably have the Teddy Grahams separated into baggies ahead of time to save some time.

Anyway, if you are needing a quick activity for graphing, feel free to grab my Teddy Graham graphing freebie.

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