Late Night Post

I'm not sure that I've ever posted so late, but with no school tomorrow I timed my nap just right so that I could buy some extra creating hours.  My To Do list is getting longer by the minute.  For March, I want to create St. Patrick's Day centers, task cards, a small printable set, a spring printable set, spring centers, a summer packet, some bear freebies and some birthday freebies.  Whew!  That was a mouthful.  The thing I'm looking most forward to are my birthday freebies.  My birthday is coming up and I'm that crazy teacher that fully thinks that my birthday is a national holiday.  Every year, I get my kids a special snack and cupcakes for my birthday.  This year, I think I'm going to throw in birthday centers.  Yes, I get that my birthday isn't really "that" big of a deal, but wouldn't you pay closer attention if the teacher had birthday centers and special treats?  Plus, if I'm going to be at school on my birthday, then I am going to enjoy my day, so I will definitely be teaching some of my favorite skills.

In other news, I am guessing 90% of my followers are like me - people that create non-stop for TPT.  Knowing that bit of information, I'm going to admit my complete and utter failure tonight.  I don't think I've managed to post one paid for item that didn't have at least one tiny mistake.  It is driving me bonkers!  I check over and over.  I've had my friends check over and over.  Yet, I miss something every time.  I am waiting for that 4.0 to drop to a 3.0 for failure to get rid of random errors.  Honestly, I think that's the reason I feel the need to give freebies.  Hopefully, they make up for some of my mistakes.  Tonight was an all time crazy one.  So, I've been giving away my Lincoln and Washington Word Search for two weeks.  Well, tonight one of my sweet buyers points out that I misspelled a word.  I looked and didn't see it.  It turns out it was in the actual word search.  So, I fix it, repost it, and all is right with the world.  That is all was right with the world for around 30 minutes.  That's when my sweet buyer emailed and said when I corrected that mistake it created a new mistake.  I had connected two of my words, so it made my correct word incorrect.  This time, I decided to go through and check ALL the words.  Good thing I did because when I moved the second word, it affected a third word.  Seriously people!  What is my deal?  Thank goodness that someone told me I had made a mistake.  I hate knowing there are people out there that still have no idea.  All I'm thinking right now is major props to those people that achieve perfection.    It is definitely my ultimate goal.  

Alright, since it's a little late, I am out before I say something ridiculously silly.  Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow night with a few more "birthday" treats ;)  Here's a little treat for tonight.  It's an ABC Order worksheet and a Root Words worksheet.  I hope you guys enjoy!  Oh, and if you click on the March Book Reports picture above, you can find out more about that freebie. 

Happy Presidents' Day Ya'll!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Hi Faith! I love your stuff. I just found you last month and have been using your items all month....however, I must say that I am one of those though that is obsessed with spelling and grammatical errors and will let the author know, as I feel like they would want to know, especially if the item is not free! I never complain when it's a freebie! I don't think people mean any harm, but are just trying to be helpful. For me, it always helps to wait until a day or two later to proofread when the material when it is fresh looking to me. I seem to catch more errors then than when I have been looking at it for hours.

    The Bender Bunch

    1. I adjusted my post a little because I definitely didn't mean to come off like I was complaining about people that give me a head's up. Honestly, I was just trying to point out my flaw because I thought it would make people laugh because I figured we have all had one of those nights. I appreciate feedback from my followers :)

  2. When I made a Christmas packet, I realized that there was a typo (darn that cut and paste button!) I felt the same way as you. Be glad that you are not alone!

    I like the root word freebie! We just started inflectional endings so I'll be using this one. I was going through my Valentine's Pinterest board and I realized that I pinned every single one of your freebies for February. :) I'm a little obsessed with what you create! :)

    1. LOL... I am definitely glad I'm in good company. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how I get nervous each time I get a comment or a question because I just know I've made a mistake.

      I'm glad you like all of my freebies :) That made me smile :) I'm definitely working on some more. Hopefully, my mini printable packet will be ready today. It's going to have around 15 to 20 sheets on some of the standards I've had a hard time finding things for.

      Okay, I've written a book :) Hope you have a great day!